The Best Belly Button Ring Materials For The Initial Piercing

When you have made the decision to get your navel pierced and you are on the way to a piercing studio there is yet another thing to consider. Namely – what kind of a belly button ring to choose when getting pierced.

Usually the piercer uses a navel ring from their stock and you are offered to pick the one you like. However, there is another option – you can buy the piece of body jewelry before you go to a piercing studio. By doing this you will get time to think about which belly button ring appeals most to you and not only – probably the piercing studio does not have in stock navel piercings that are beneficial for your belly button’s health.

Let’s list the best materials for the first time belly piercing.

The most common and the simplest choice is belly rings made of stainless steel. The best steel you can get is high quality implant grade steel and there are body jewelry stores listing such. However, if the product description says 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel – it is fine for the first time belly piercing. This metal is hypo-allergenic alloy and it means it has a very little likelihood of reacting with your body’s tissues and causing any allergic reactions.

Anyway – there is a slight chance of somebody having an allergic reaction after being inserted a stainless steel belly button ring. Then there comes the second first time navel piercing material – titanium. Unlikely stainless steel, which contains other metals apart from steel, titanium is pure and not mixed with other metals what makes it even more body friendly than stainless steel.

In addition, titanium is two times lighter than steel and very strong. You will not, of course, subject your navel ring to very harsh conditions like common rings worn on the fingers. Nonetheless it is always good to know that the body jewelry you wear is going to last as long as possible!

Finally we have come to the best choice for the initial belly button ring – bioplast. This material has been world widely recognized as the best for body jewelry to be worn in fresh piercings.

Bioplast’s features are very appealing to those who consider getting a belly button piercing. The navel piercing is less likely to get infected and swollen and you will not develop allergic symptoms because bioplast is not metal. Thanks to the flexibility of bioplast the body movement range is bigger – the piercing will be subject to less tear. And the piercer should not refuse your bioplast belly ring because it can be autoclaved despite the fact that it is plastic.

Given the freedom of choice everyone who considers getting their belly button pierced now can choose from a great variety of belly rings as the previously mentioned three materials include the biggest share of the whole belly body jewelry range!