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The Puppet Humor

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The Puppet Humor

Now here’s an interesting show that you may want to get when you are browsing through DVD’s on sale. The Muppet show is definitely not your kiddie puppet show. And it got all the loads funny humor that adult viewers will definitely love.

Created by famous puppeteer Jim Henson, The Muppet Show is presented as a sort of variety show that casts the ever popular Kermit the Frog as the show’s temperamental host, producer and manager. He must deal with a wide assortment of other puppet “actors” and their personalities in order to keep the show running. Each episode has Kermit organizing several acts together, only to have them fail miserably because of his cast’s antics.

Deviating from the bubbly educational show that is Sesame’s Street, the Muppet Show is more of a comedic nature with no attempt at being educational. The show carries over many of the characters from Sesame Street, but casts them into more adult roles. Thus, instead of seeing Kermit singing nursery rhymes, you can expect him to engage in a shouting match with his co-actors.

The main draw of the show is of course its humor. Typical of a live action gag show, each episode has several segments centered around a topic and has the cast throwing jokes. There also segments parodying other show like soap operas, news programs and TV commercials. Some of the jokes are usually of the slapstick kind, with the cast hitting each other silly. On the other hand there are also segments where they deliver funny one liners at each other (the Ballroom Dance segment in particular).

One word of warning for viewers though. Some of the jokes are of a rather mature nature. The character of Miss Piggy is known for throwing many of them. So you probably need to watch your kids while they are watching this.

The Muppet Show also feature a celebrity guest each week. Often called for an interview by Kermit, the segment would turn totally wrong, with the guest being harassed by the Muppets, which added to the hilarity of the show. Interestingly, instead of being offended, this was the very same reason that many celebrities sought to be casted in the show.

Another interesting comedic element of the show is its reality TV like presentation, way before such shows entered into mainstream television. Following the premise of the show being a production, there are many instances where “real” squabbles would happen between puppet actors in the middle of a segment. Also there were segments where the crew would interrupt the production to pull out gags. These are actually the more popular parts of the series.

So if you are tired of real comedians, you might want to pop The Muppet Show DVD into your player. You definitely will end up laughing like crazy at the antics of these hand puppets.

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