Is Vegas in Danger?

When one thinks of Vegas, you think: lights, shows, and the sweet sound of coins hitting coins as they cascade down from the slot machines. One might think that nothing could steal the thunder from such excitement. But the fact of the matter is that Online Gambling is stealthy creeping behind the giant, and it is promising to take a bite of the market. This article will explore the reasons why it has become such a big rumble among people that love to play.

The flight is an inconvenience. Vegas tends to be one of the cheapest destinations for air travel in America. However, the fact is, it doesn’t help that catching a plane is next to getting a root-canal, in the list of things we rather not go through. At this point we don’t really know if flying is safer, or more dangerous. The security points are very necessary, but are equally bothersome when we have to go through them. Those are reasons why less and less people are being tempted to leave the comfortable safety they feel at home.

The shows are showing right here. One of the most attractive things that Vegas has to offer, is that the town is filled with spectacles of magic, dance and acrobatics, among other things. But you don’t have to go to Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil anymore. If you live in any major city of the US the shows are coming to you; and if you live in New York people should be coming from Vegas to see shows there. That is another reason why people might not be thinking of going to Nevada.

It’s not exactly a family place. Vegas has rides that people of all ages can enjoy; like the ones you would find in amusement parks. The only problem is that Vegas is not a place where you would like to bring your spouse, or your kids. After all, it is not called Sin City for no reason. Prostitution is still and will always be an issue for gamblers with families. At the same time, we have amusement parks everywhere in this country; and, if you are from Florida, you don’t even want to see those things anymore. The fact that Vegas is a place where you would like to keep your family away from, is not a good selling point for a big portion of the market.

Off course business owners in Vegas will be ok. But there is a definite growth of people that just rather stay at home and play online. For the reasons we have discussed here, more and more people are choosing, not to fly, stay at home with their family or choose a different vacation destination. It will be very long before Online Gambling can really hurt Vegas, if ever; but even if everybody lived to go to Nevada, they would need a place to play where they are not there. The share of the market, which Internet Casinos are getting doesn’t seem to be all that small after you add the gamblers that opt out of Sin City with ones that play online between trips. That is a portion of the action that Online Casinos are very happy to get.

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