When Had been You Born? The Thunderbird Clan in Indigenous American Astrology

Which clan are you a part of: turtle, frog, butterfly or thunderbird?

Indigenous American Astrology

This is a non secular method that uses a twelve-month calendar and connects birthdates with ability animals, aspects, seasonal animals and animal clans. Native American astrology connects every beginning day assortment with a clan animal. There are four clans: butterfly, turtle, frog and thunderbird.

Thunderbird Clan

If you are a member of the thunderbird clan, then you have the eagle as an animal spirit companion.

Thunderbird Clan Member Birthdates

March 21st-April 19th

July 23rd-August 22nd

November 22nd-December 21st

What Thunderbird/Eagle Gives

“The Thunderbird, to the Native Us residents, is most normally depicted in the kind of an eagle. This was the fantastic spirit who managed lightning and rain, punishment and reward. To the Plains Cree all eagles experienced mystical power, and these powers could be shared by anyone who possessed portion of the chicken. To align oneself with eagle drugs is to choose on the accountability and the electricity of getting to be so substantially a lot more than you now appear to be. To take the eagle as a totem is to acknowledge a potent new dimension to lifestyle, and a heightened responsibility for your spiritual advancement.”–Ted Andrews, Animal Talk

(1) With eagle, you have obtain to religious advancement and electric power, as very well as the potential to move very easily between the religious entire world and the earthly plane of existence.

(2) Eagle asks you to be keen to explore your emotions and hook up more deeply to your inner baby for therapeutic, and for a better feeling of enthusiasm and creativity.

(3) Eagle features alchemy and purification as you fly into your possess sunlight! You might be given a healing function equally for on your own and other folks.

(4) With Eagle, you have entry to new eyesight, and an potential to see obviously into earlier, current and foreseeable future.

How to Link A lot more Deeply

(1) Use Cedarwood to boost intuition and connect with the Divine. Meditate and then journal about any insights or intuitive facts that arrived to you.

(2) Generate in your journal each individual day for at the very least 21 days. Detect any judgements you are earning about many others and produce about any factors of people attributes in by yourself. At the similar time, retain a gratitude list, creating down at the conclude of just about every day what you are grateful for that you seasoned.

Eagle Classes

Eagle can educate you to see from a new perspective, to join fearlessly to every concealed element of by yourself, to let go of judgement, to mend and develop spiritually and continue being grounded at the exact time.