What Will You Learn During Oil Painting Lessons

If you’ve been thinking about changing your career, you should not allow anyone tell you that it’s too late to become what you have always been wanting: a painter or an artist. Numerous painters spent several years working as something else, and then became artists. Even if you just want to optimize your painting abilities, taking some painting classes is a good idea. Oil painting lessons will teach you how to work with oil and produce gripping paintings.

If you opt for oil painting lessons you will need some art materials. There are many different types of oil paints available within the pertinent art shops, therefore you will need to buy what suits your case the best. There are Artist Quality Oil Paints, artisan oil paints and student quality paints, which are probably the ones you should buy in the beginning. You will also need to buy oil painting brushes and mixing palettes.

Oil painting lessons will teach you more things than you might think of; they will teach you how to paint with oil, but they will also introduce you to the several different modifiers that can change the behavior of oil. Oil painting mediums are not a matter of requirement, but of taste and can be an excellent way to enhance your painting and differentiate your style. Some artists swear by original oil, while others by certain mediums.

if you attend oil painting lessons you will also learn a lot about painting frames. You probably have never thought about the crucial role of frames but in fact they are one more way to personalize not only the art piece but the room as well: frames exist in all kinds and types, in an abundance of colors, materials, sizes and shapes: wooden frames in mahogany, oak or cherry wood, ceramic, metal, glass, even marble and granite stone frames are available, making your choice both hard and easy at the same time.

It is extremely important to evaluate the painting you have in order to choose the right frame: an antique piece of art usually needs an antique heavy wooden frame to compliment its value and style, while landscapes usually go very well with etched frames or some elegant once that enhance the subject’s beauty and originality.

Portraits and watercolors can be set off and elevated in a somber metal frame with fine finishes and border.

In order to choose the perfect frame, you need to decide in advance where you will mount the painting and what the surroundings are: a lounge has by default different character from a bedroom, and the rest of furniture and wall colors can play a decisive role in your choice.

The painting frame should fit and suit in the room and space where you intend to hang it, otherwise it might be create an indifferent and dull aesthetic result.

Choosing the right painting frame can be in fact very tedious, thus it’s a very good idea to take a look online and choose among a rich variety of materials, colors and types. After all framing Art pieces is an art itself and is something you will also learn during your oil painting lessons.