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The Ins and Outs of the Music Industry

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The Ins and Outs of the Music Industry

People believe in the glamour of the music business; some even consider this industry as all fun and games. Many think that once you enter the music business you will work with the most creative people, the most effective and best of the best artists. However, plenty of people do not recognize the amount of work that goes into every song.

Everyone desiring to work within the music business must learn how money works; have an eye for selecting talented artists, know how to find the right people for the right jobs, as well as fulfill many other tasks. Most people think that because they went to school and studied music they are going to be automatically employed. Regrettably, the record companies require individuals who bring not only great music and great talent with them; they require individuals who are business minded and have music promotional plan capabilities. They look for individuals who understand that entries must sell because the bills ought to be paid to survive.

You are probably surprised to know that work experience or earlier experience in the actual world is what record companies are looking for. In fact, this is applicable not only to the record companies, because this is a trend in all areas of the world. Major labels in particular do not waste time training those who are fresh out of school or those with talent but without experience. One could argue that it is left for the Indies, who are more equipped to find and develop acts with small budgets. Major labels want someone who has experience in the real world, someone who has actually gone through rounds, with operational knowledge of the industry. This person must know what it takes to produce music, establish strategic promotional plans, someone with an eye for talent, who can tell when a person is best suited to the workplace, a person who can give musical direction, and knows how to facilitate the conclusion of a music promotion plan.

Although these skills are taught in school, they learn the theory. All of us know that things cannot be taught in words or by theory. Practice experience overrides theoretical knowledge! That is why record companies choose to invest in individuals who are widely experienced. Again, here’s the deal; until you have had some actual work experience, you won’t receive a job. For those who desire to have a stake in the music business, finding a place where experience can be gained is of vital importance. Whilst academic knowledge will always add value to someone’s credibility; acquiring useful hands on success within the music business of the 21st century!

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