The “Faire” Way To Sell | Jannalyn Bailey | Episode 883

Jannalyn Bailey | Episode 883

Curious Clay, started by Jannalyn Bailey, was born out of an intense like of the handmade variety and the want to make attainable artwork objects. As a previous painter, the existence of the artist’s hand in Jannalyn’s operates is pretty vital to her. Each the clay sort and the glaze software retains the gesture from Jannalyn’s hand.  Remaining fairly self-taught, Jannalyn’s function is largely slab-crafted with some element of hand forming/sculpting.  Jannalyn hopes her works can are living in new homes, and be a part of the slower times in the day, irrespective of whether it’s your morning cup of coffee or afternoon meditation.  Jannalyn finds fantastic pleasure in developing a person of a type pottery, and her hope is that that pleasure arrives by means of.


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When you get associated with a faire, it is an application procedure you never just indication up and do it?

Of course. Like I said, I applied two or 3 moments and I was denied all the moments. The way that I actually received on there was that a shop in Ga asked for that I be there. So when a shop requests that you as a brand be there you are an computerized shoe in I guess.

For the paying for aspect do they have to have to go by an application process also?

I really do not know. I assume that they vet everybody and make guaranteed they are a brick and mortar and not anyone who is hoping to do low-priced Christmas searching. And then if it is a store that is online only that is a massive marker on their profile site. You can also reject orders on there if I really do not want my stuff to be sold on a net only system I can say that this is not a fantastic suit.

How are you actually identified by other people?

I believe it’s just hunting all-around scrolling by webpages of pottery. There might be some tags but I am solely unfamiliar with the prospective buyers facet. As I maker I simply cannot actually simply click around and see other maker’s offerings really conveniently.

So you cannot see how much other individuals are advertising their wares for?

I believe I can if I had been to log out and go on to the Faire web-site just as a browser, you know, somebody who is wanting all around on my personal, but I cannot navigate away. Not that I know of.

Did you cost your work upwards to compensate for the expense of performing small business with Faire?

Yeah, and I have had to increase prices for a number of motives. Partly simply because there are more folks working for me now. Partly since shipping materials price an arm and a leg to even get to my door. The price tag of electrical energy, the value of clay, I did transfer absent from an area in Pennsylvania that experienced a ceramic provide retailer that made available a really hefty cost breaks at sure weights of clay and my present clay supplier isn’t capable to do that.

Who pays for the shipping?

The retailer or if the retailer is a Faire insider, which I assume is a every month cost of a hundred and something bucks then Faire addresses the retailer shipping. So if a keep does a lot of ordering on Faire it really behooves them to be an insider. I never ever pay back for shipping and delivery. I pay for delivery materials and if you want to include a packing rate to offset your value of transport supplies.

Does the shipping and delivery program Faire uses allow you to use the cost-free bins from the US postal service? Precedence mail?

So when you punch in the excess weight and the dimensions it populates UPS, FedEx, and USPS and it offers you three price ranges and recommends. What box you put in it does not seriously matter. I am under no circumstances shipping in just about anything lesser than a 13 inch dice. You have an solution on Faire to make your possess label and then you have to add the value of that label as nicely as the monitoring range and then they reimburse you.

What is the most captivating matter of operating with Faire?

It’s just the access. I indicate my get the job done at this place has gone to Germany, England, it goes to Canada all the time. And the U.S, I imply I really don’t want to say I am in all fifty states but I’m pretty darn near.


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