Seduction Techniques – Two Fun Ways to Use Humor in Seduction

Humor is a great asset to any man who is trying to seduce women because it creates comfort and familiarity between you and the woman.

When using humor as one of your seduction techniques, realize that this alone will not get you the woman. Just being funny will not seduce women, but it really can help.

So how can you utilize humor in your seduction techniques?

1. Twist Her Words

It is always hilarious to twist a girls words, especially in a sexual manner. Then always follow it up by framing it as if she is suggesting the sexuality, and dismiss it. This will keep her chasing you and keep the interaction fun the entire time.

For example, she says “Let’s break it.” You can immediately say “What, lets get naked? God I’ve only known you for an hour, slow down. You have to at least buy me a drink first.”

Do this with a devilish grin and dubious look and she will laugh every time. The best part about using these seduction techniques is it will get her thinking about you in a sexual manner, even through humor. Very good stuff.

2. Everything That Was Funny When You Were Ten, Still Is

There are a few seduction techniques that illustrate this perfectly. For example, try using the gag when you point at a girls chest and say “what’s that?”, then tap her in the nose when she looks down.

You can be sure she hasn’t had a man do this to her since she was ten. And, yup, it’s still funny. Also, you’ve now fooled around with her like most other men have forgotten how. You’re fun. You’re unique.