Native American Astrology – The Snake Totem

The Snake

If you were born in between Oct 24th and November 21st, you had been born below the sign of the snake. This report will explain what is very likely to be your identity and character traits and offer ways in which the snake totem can support you as a spirit companion.

Religious Progress

In Native American spirituality, the snake signifies the opportunity for transformation and therapeutic. It delivers rebirth and resurrection, and provides wisdom and initiation into a new lifestyle. As we release that which no lengthier serves us, it dies in our life, making way for a thing new to be produced, to be born in us.

Glance for what demands to recover in your daily life and then contact on snake to support you mend it and temperature the transition that ensues. Transitions are very likely to arrive promptly and solve immediately.

Snake can enable awaken your creative imagination, stimulate further perception, larger perception and additional exact intuition. It can assist you see into the hearts of other people and know them far more genuinely than you had been in a position to ahead of. Trust the insights that occur to you about other people. They may possibly appear odd but are ordinarily ideal.

Snake Totem Character Characteristics

“The emotions of people today born less than the signal of the snake can be intensive, but these people today are also cautious. They stay away from revealing their weaknesses to other individuals. On the surface, they are daring and confident men and women, but this facade masks insecurity and a have to have to secure their emotions. Those born underneath the snake sign have the ability to sum up other folks at a glance and see appropriate by way of charlatans just about ahead of they have spoken.” -Deborah Durbin, Simply just Native American Astrology

They are able to do the exact issue in new predicaments, figuring out just about immediately, on an intuitive amount, whether the scenario is a great just one or a lousy 1. They may have an interest in the occult, but want evidence ahead of they think any distinct claim.

They make great strategists, so if they are headed someplace in existence, you can bet they have a in-depth prepare for finding there.

Trusting the men and women they enjoy, and even coworkers and pals, is an essential have to have for them. They will do no matter what is needed for a person they belief, but once a scenario proves that they can not have faith in a person, that believe in is absent for excellent!

Simply because they are determines, passionate and extreme, snake people today work difficult and engage in hard. They can take on a substantial workload and will be there right before everyone else comes, getting it done. But they also enjoy to have events and to vacation, taking part in as intensely as they perform. They are excellent at arranging and dependable problem solvers.

Utilizing their intuitive capacity, they usually see a issue coming down the road extended in advance of it really manifests, and commonly, they are correct.

Nevertheless they are form and generous with the persons they enjoy, they also argue intensely and occasionally do not recognize what influence they are having on other men and women. Other people may well leave or reject that overbearing, insistent method and then they surprise what occurred, what they did mistaken that led to losing the relationship.


Folks born beneath this sign are great in positions of leadership and authority, and in work or careers wherever they can come to feel like they are accomplishing anything of price and can assist people kind out their problems. This offers a assortment of options, such as law enforcement perform, health care professions, sporting activities trainers and other individuals.