Mayan Religion

The Mayan religion also known as Maya, was born in Mesoamerica approximately 250 AD. This particular religion was influenced by the Olmecs. Within the first 650 years, the civilization of the Mayans ended up taking over 40 large cities which laid out across Mexico, North Belize and Guatemala. This period of their time was called the Classic Period.

The total population of the Mayan peoples increased to be about 2 million people. As they lived a rural and agricultural life, the Mayans ended up covering most of Guatemala with their population. Their cities were kept mostly in regards to ceremonial practices, leaving them to build centers where they would have their ceremonies and give sacrifices to their gods.

The Mayan peoples were so in touch with nature, that many of the Mayan Gods were known to have created our entire world from nature starting with one tree. This tree was said to be connected with the heavens and all of the underworlds as well. Not only were the Gods very important to the Mayan peoples, but they also felt as though there would not be life without these gods.

During their time, the Mayans developed a calendar known as the Maya Calendar. This Calendar is said to be one of the most documented and best understood calendars of our time. With predictions made from this calendar, people looked forward to the future hoping that the calendar would prove itself right. These predictions came from the Mayan peoples themselves by studying the constellations in the night time sky. The Calendar is dated as far as the year 2012. From this point on, some people believe it could result in the end of the world. Others are still feeling skeptical about this impetuous prediction.

These beautiful cities had been abandoned by the Mayans around 900 AD. It is said that the culture declined quite rapidly, making them leave their homes and sacred centers.

Because of war, people believe that this is the cause for the abrupt leaving and declining of the Mayan peoples.

Still in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, lived many more Mayans. As farmers, they lived quite happily and content during this period, known as the Post-Classic Period. Unfortunately, the Spanish came into their territory and conquered the Mayans in the early 16th century. Any Mayans who were left, ended up being converted into Roman Catholicism.

In today’s society, The Mayan peoples are located mostly in the Southern Mexico region. Still to this day they practice their Mayan religion along with some Roman Catholicism. The Mayan culture is can be seen as a fascinating and beautiful culture that lived throughout history. If you are interested in The Mayan religion and would like to know more about their history, you can look it up online. Several sites are dedicated to giving knowledge about the Mayan religion. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer there truly is something to get from reading about the Mayans and how they lived.