Listening To Your Heart When Your Mind Disagrees | Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka, born on the 13th November 1987 in Warsaw, is a ceramic, sculptor, and ceramic teacher at the Back garden of Arts ceramic studio in Warsaw, Poland. Paulina has graduated from Sculpture Faculty, The Academy of the Wonderful Arts in Warsaw in 2015. At the instant Paulina is setting up her have wood-fired kiln.


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Why do you think there is at times a conflict concerning the coronary heart and the head?

So you know, I feel it is pretty pure, the conflict concerning head and heart for the reason that as we say in polish, we very often would like to have a cake and try to eat a cake.

We have the similar phrase. 

Yes, you have the identical phrase. So specially for people who have a lot of interests it is fairly common that we have these inisde conflict.

When you were being making an attempt to make that final decision how loud was the voice of “reason”? How loud was that voice telling you, This won’t operate

I feel louder was the voice that it will function. And to encourage this voice I was slowly, slowly but surely, getting to be more engaged into our family members business. Coming to function at the workshops soon after my normal position so I was seeking to lower the possibility of failure and I was sensation that is the second due to the fact my mother is becoming….not older, but she wants far more help. So I was generally considering that this second will materialize, but I was only thinking when would be the proper instant.

How did you know it was time to take the leap?

When I was experience so super fatigued operating at times thirteen, fourteen, several hours a day. And I was emotion it was as well substantially for me. That I require to resign from something for the reason that it will be like this, I will just start off getting unwell. Significantly.

It is been five months, has the voice quieted down in your mind in conditions of this isn’t heading to operate, this is going to get the job done out?

No. I assume when I produced the decision I considered, Alright, it requirements to get the job done. 

It just demands to perform as a necessity.


Was it simpler obtaining companions to go on the journey with you and obtaining your mother and action father involved?

Yeah, of program. Of study course it was a large support for me for the reason that I could master from them. We nevertheless function alongside one another and I have taken on far more obligations and administration positions. It’s seriously good if you have customers of your household you can count on.

How crucial was it for you to visualize a upcoming of success for you to be capable to make that leap?

Of course, I feel so. I was contemplating about diverse situations. Frequently, every thing I do I check out to visualize it earlier. So it was pretty a prolonged course of action but of system it assisted me a good deal.




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