Juxtapoz Magazine – Emilio Villalba “Besides” @ Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco

Final week, we shared an intimate dialogue and studio go to with San Francisco-dependent painter Emilio Villalba, on the eve of his new solo show, Apart from, at Hashimoto Contemporary in SF. Currently we have a comprehensive preview of the exhibition, which opens Oct 1st in the Bay Place. 

Returning to the gallery for his 2nd solo presentation, Villalba’s most current get the job done additional abstracts the matter in textured, energetic marks. The rich surfaces of the paintings are imbued with a perception of spontaneity and motion. Focussing on the character of the folks and each day scenes around him somewhat than a representational graphic, the thickly applied paint evokes a sense of succinct intimacy.

The will work on canvas range from personal portraits to collage-like stream of consciousness nonetheless lives. Performing as diary entries, the collage compositions overlap particular times and domestic vignettes to build non-linear narratives of the artist’s lifetime. Using singular image references for multiple compositions, Villalba examines the spectrum of moods and qualities of every single topic. The functions on paper and canvas sheets proceed these compositional explorations with plein air scenes, even further reinforcing Villalba’s confident and candid practice.