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Guys Dating Tips – Using Humor to Attract Women

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Guys Dating Tips – Using Humor to Attract Women

Ask any woman what they are looking for in a man and you’re sure to hear that they want someone who can make them laugh. Humor is one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract women. Women assume that if someone makes them laugh, they must like them. This is the reason that 65% of commercials use humor to sell their products. Humor sells – it’s that simple.

Laughing makes you feel good. Humor breaks down barriers and defense mechanisms creating instant rapport. The assumption is that if a commercial makes you laugh then you’ll have good feelings about the product. The same is true with women. The key is to be funny in a playful, fun way. You don’t want to be goofy in an annoying little brother kind of way. When you make a woman laugh often, she’ll associate you with good times and feeling good.

A prominent reason that women love to laugh is because laughter arouses feeling. Keep in mind that women are not creatures of logic. They are creatures of feeling. Laughter is a profound process that involves every major system in the body. It’s spiritual, physiological, and emotional. Laughter is unreasonable, illogical, and irrational. Laughter exists for its own sake. Infants laugh strictly because it feels good. They learn to laugh first and later on develop a sense of humor, which is a playfully intellectual way of relating to the world. Yes laughter can be intellectual, but its roots are in pure feeling.

By making a woman laugh, you make her feel. When you make a woman laugh, you make her heart rate and blood pressure go way up, and then drop down way below the norm. When a woman laughs her diaphragm convulses and her internal organs get massaged. As she takes in the massive amounts of air, her blood becomes oxygenated. She also loses muscle control, which relaxes her skeletal system. Laughter causes her brain to produce hormones called beta endorphins. What do all of these effects have in common? They are the same biological processes that occur during sexual arousal. By making her laugh you are actually putting her in a more sexual state.

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