Description of a Typical Work Day As a Music Producer

Hey how is it going for you up and coming music producers and rap artist/singers?

I’m here and I’m going to share a typical work day for me as a music producer. Now before I start, I want you to visualize a dream life that you want to eventually live, then meditate while your imagination runs loose.

OK so first of all I have a family, a lovely wife and three kids who are just so full of energy. So of course my priorities don’t stop, so I’ll usually wake up first in the house, go downstairs and sit in my chair. I meditate for twenty minutes then start my day. I am a smoker so of course I have me a smoke then get me something to eat. Typically from 7:00 am to 9:00am is free time for me ,so after a cool meal I then check emails, and spend about twenty five- minutes on that just responding to emails.

After that I then crank up my first beat of the day, by the time I’m finishing up on the beat my wife and daughter are coming downstairs to join me. My two oldest kids are in school so that’s a good deal. I then submit my beat after a few tweaks and have me an hour of family time. Throughout the day I spend a big chunk of the day marketing, promoting, advertising myself and my craft. I then make about two beats back to back after the kids get out of school, then by that time my wife goes to work and there I am with all my kids.

Now I know what your thinking because my kids are still young and want to use my house as a personal jungle gym. Actually its cool I get them occupied on some activities and then I can make a couple more beats. The kids enjoy the beat making process anyway so I’m good. When its their bedtime then I have from 8:30pm to 2:00am. I may have a few artist that I work with over to put down some album, or mix tape work.

It’s a typical day for me because I used to work in a warehouse stacking chicken boxes onto pallets, so I deserve to live off my beats straight up. It’s a good life to be able to have the time I need for family and work and vacations, etc. You can also obtain the same or an even better lifestyle if you just stay focused and daily transform your life to higher heights. I mean you really have to push yourself to want to do it, because the hardest work to the music producer game is getting your music production company off the ground. Once you uplift the business aspect of it then your sales become more fluid, and it seems to get easier as a music producer. I hope you enjoyed a typical day of a music producer, more updates will be coming soon.