Barack Obama’s Horoscope Analysed Primarily based on KP Astrology (Superior Vedic Astrology) Ideas

In this short article I would include the uniqueness of KP Astrology and Barack Obama’s horoscope. Very first of all I will give a brief of KP Astrology and then I will examine Obama’s Horoscope in line with KP Astrology. KP astrology was propounded by the popular astrologer Prof. K.S Krishnamurti from India about mid fifties. Krishnamurti Paddhati or KP took the very best of Vedic Astrology and Western astrology to derive a special type of decoding a horoscope. Compared with regular Vedic Astrology which provides worth to properties KP provides great importance to nakshatras or constellations. Nakshatras are similar as the vedic astrology but more great importance are specified to it. Higher than all KSK arrived with a distinctive discovery of “sub” which is almost nothing but the sub division of nakshatras. According to KSK a world is very good or terrible relies upon on which nakshatras it is positioned with regard to one’s ascendant and extra so which “sub” of that nakshatra it is positioned.

In vedic astrology the zodiac is divided into 27 nakshatras or constellations each individual masking 13 diploma 20 minutes. Just about every of these nakshatras are acquiring their have lords. Each of the 7 planets together with 2 nodes (rahu and ketu) are the lords of 3 nakshatras in total. For example Ashwini, Magha and Moola are ruled by Ketu. KSK has sub divided these nakshatras into 9 unequal pieces (ruled by 7 planets and 2 subs) acknowledged as “subs“. Division of sub is centered on Vimshottari Dasa procedure followed by Vedic Astrologers. Now to decide irrespective of whether a world is favorable or unfavorable is centered on the placement of a world in that specific zone (degree, moment) of the zodiac with respect to the chart beneath thing to consider. Now to site an illustration in accordance to common Vedic Astrology Jupiter should give benific final result if it is positioned in Most cancers (in which it receives exalted ) but according to KP method it can be malefic as very well if it occupies unfavorable constellation and “sub” so considerably so Jupiter can be benific even when it is positioned in Capricorn ( exactly where it will get debilited ) Now the subsequent dilemma is how to identify whether a earth is favorable or not. One more special conclusions of KSK was the unequal division of houses dependent on Placidus method and in this method dwelling beginning exactly where the cusp has fallen is taken as the Dwelling ( bhava ) lord. This could quite well be defined citing an instance.

Lets choose the illustration of Barack Obama’s horoscope. He was born on 4th August 1961 at 7:24 pm in Honolulu Hi, United states, 21n18, 157w51 (source astrodatabank ) If we see his horoscope his ascendant is Capricorn and moon sign is Taurus and presently he is running maha dasa (time) of Jupiter. Pupil of astrology would straight away say Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 12th in his circumstance so how could he attain to that peak in the time of Jupiter. KP astrology has the response to the question. His 11th and 12th cusp both has fallen in Sagittarius (lord is Jupiter ) and also 2nd cusp as fallen in Items (lord is Jupiter ) as end result of which total photo is modified. Now if we see the position of Jupiter, it is in Capricorn (where it will get debilited) 7diploma 37 minutes as a end result it is positioned in the constellation of Sunlight and sub of Ketu. Once more identical contradiction is arising for Capricorn ascendant Leo (lord is Sunlight) is the 8 lord then how come Jupiter positioned in the 8th lord star is valuable. KP again responses this. In the circumstance of Obama 8th cusp has fallen in Virgo not in Leo. Sunshine the lord of Leo is positioned in 19 diploma 19 minutes Cancer which takes place to be the 6th bhava for him. As a consequence Jupiter is signifying 2, 6, 11, 12 properties and it is a person of the very best (2,6,11) importance which a earth can have. Property 2 signifies prosperity and speech, residence 6th signifies competitors and 11th home signifies achieve or success of dreams as outcome the mix of previously mentioned outlined houses signifies achievements or higher purchase. Now we will focus on the sub lord Ketu the place Jupiter is positioned. Ketu in Obama’ s Horoscope is positioned in Aquarius 4 diploma 39 minutes as a final result it is in the indicator of Saturn and in the constellation of Mars. Saturn in his case is the lord of 1st house and Mars is the lord of 3rd and 10th ( 3rd has fallen in Aries and the 10th cusp has fallen in Scorpio) so Ketu is signifying 1,3,10 which in no way is a unfavorable signification. So the contradiction of Obama’s Horoscope can be totally explained by KP. There are a lot of other components which also played a position in his rise the primary things has been the dasa of Jupiter which apparently appeared unfavorable but in reality a hugely strong world responsible for his rise to the place of becoming the President of United States of The united states.

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