Automotive Sales Training Guide to Using Humor For Selling Cars

I have a friend that’s a salesperson in the car business. Now, he is extremely good at what he does. He is very good at following the basics, a great closer, following up, prospecting etc. But one of his strong points is making people laugh.

Here is what he used to do. Picture a jam packed showroom on a Saturday. My friend would get out of his cubicle wearing these silly black glasses, with the big nose and the moustache and come to the middle of the showroom and start this hilarious speech in front of everyone. He did have a talent for being a great public speaker. But a gimmick like this worked very well for him. So get creative and see what works for you. But the idea is to be humorous and not rude.

Now I’m not saying for you to turn into a stand up comedian like my friend, but all I’m saying is if you have a great sense of humor, use that to your advantage. In my experience selling, I have noticed that superstar salespeople in this business are ones that work smart, follow a plan and has a great sense of humor. All superstar salespeople are very likeable and they spend a lot of time, effort and money on educating themselves to get even better. But the ones that think there is no room for improvement, those are the ones that never grows. Learn to make a friend before you sell them something. Making a friend is the same thing as building rapport.

Be aware of getting caught up while building rapport

Doesn’t it feel good when you sell a vehicle and have a happy customer because you made a friend? Well then you need to build a lot of rapport. But remember your main objective, and that’s to sell a car. So try not to get emotionally involved with the customer. There is a big difference between getting emotionally involved and building rapport. Avoid believing everything that the customer tells you. If you start to sympathize for the customer then you’ll have a tough time closing the deal.

Take note of this: How would you present a deal to your boss if you are emotionally attached to the customer? All you are doing is sympathizing for the customer. Selling this way impairs your judgment and your ability to properly sell the vehicle.

Empathizing with the customer is the way to go. Everyone of your customer is buying a very expensive product when they buy a car. So yes it is good to understand their feelings. If you understand them then it will become easy for you to gain their trust. But don’t loose track of the sale by sympathizing. Rather empathize, make a friend and sell the vehicle properly.