Are Humor and Laughter Coping Strategies During Difficult Times?

It would appear so. During World War Two, the soldiers between their battles would laugh and have fun whenever and wherever possible, so that they would put the negative and unpleasant memories out of their minds.

Why? Because it is a known fact that you can’t be stressed, depressed, or plagued with anxiety when you are having fun. They needed this diversion to forget, if even just for a limited time, so that they could carry on the extremely difficult tasks and responsibilities that they were charged with.

It was the same on the home front. There were more songs, plays, movies created than at any other time in history. There were all kinds of social activities to cheer up and keep people positively charged. And it worked on both the battle front, as well as at home. This ultimately with winning strategies and skilled efforts combined to bring victory.

The resiliency of people is truly remarkable and when times are tough, as is the case to day, people can, and must cope with an optimistic view of the future. This is more easily accomplished when humor, laughter and playfulness are employed.

Humor and laughter help the person see a lighter and brighter side and help us focus on more creative and effective solutions.

People should also bear in mind that nothing is accomplished by adopting and maintaining a pessimistic perspective, as this only translates in negative thinking, attitude and action.

Life is short, live it to the fullest, love with all your heart, and laugh at every opportunity.