4 Quick Tips For Starting a Pet Photography Business

O.K…You love animals and you love photography and people are always commenting on how wonderful your photos are. Could you possibly Start A Pet Photography Business, just because you have a passion? Of course, you can!

Most successful photographers have started their own businesses with very little experience and learned almost everything through trial and error. All you need is a little bit of talent, a desire to learn some of the technical stuff and a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm.

Tip #1 Start By Building A Portfolio

Take photos of animals every chance you get. If you don’t have your own pet models, then ask someone you know if you can photograph their pet. Tell them you are building your portfolio and that you will give them the photos in exchange for showing their pet in your portfolio. Most likely they will be flattered and you will be one step closer to getting paid clients.

Tip #2 Getting The Shot

Some of the best photographs of animals are the ones that are natural and spontaneous. The more time you spend practicing with animals, you will start developing a connection that will show in your photographs. Animals know if a person is genuine and they will become more at ease and trusting if they know they are liked.

Tip #3 You Don’t Need A Studio

Now, you may be wondering if you need a photography studio or if you can be an on-location photographer. Many pet photographers do not have a portrait studio and still get great results. If you want a studio, a small set up area in your home is all you would need. Animals are usually most comfortable in their own surroundings, therefore producing the most natural photographs. So, be prepared to do some traveling.

Tip #4 Get The Word Out

Remember to find a wide variety of animals to photograph. Start showing your portfolio around town, leave business cards at pet groomers, veterinarians, and other pet related businesses. As your business develops, your name will travel quickly by word of mouth.

Final Thoughts:

Starting A Pet Photography Business can be a profitable, enjoyable and exciting career. As a pet photographer, you can choose your own work hours and clients and enjoy the freedoms that come from owning your own business. Pursue your passion, get started on your pet photography business and enjoy the rewards of being your own boss!