Seeking Validation and Earning Credibility as an Artist

Or, instead, false validation from social media.

It is legitimate, and I dislike saying this, that the far more followers you have, the a lot more probable I am to spend attention to you and your artwork mainly because others have given you their thumbs up at some stage. 

And your social feed is additional possible to keep my awareness if it emphasizes art as the heart of your existence. Artwork, art, and additional art. That’s what I want to see from an artist who seeks reflection and crucial interest.

Nonetheless, we have to admit that there is a wrong perception of validation from social media. I consider Sara Schroeder felt that when she talked about wanting to be “more than an Instagram artist.” She grew her Instagram following promptly and experienced to just take a step (or two) again to contemplate what she seriously needed from her artwork. Hear to my discussion with her in episode 119.

When it feels very good to get these followers, likes, responses, and shares on social media, at some place you have to ponder what they all imply. 

Who is carrying out the following, liking, commenting, and sharing? How are those interactions supporting you in the prolonged operate? What occurs when you never get plenty of likes or comments?

This begs the dilemma: Who are you trying to find validation from?