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Photography – Learning How to Take Better Pictures

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Photography – Learning How to Take Better Pictures

Dreaming of being an amateur photographer? If you are interested in taking better pictures you will need to learn a few things. Sometimes a person picks up a camera and instantly they have the best picture and next time something has gone wrong. To take consistent wonderful pictures you will want to follow a few of the following tips.

Practice is one of the best ways to get consistent pictures from your camera. The idea behind practicing with your camera is to learn everything about the type of camera you have. You will want to try the same picture with different settings to determine, which setting works best for that subject.

Buying photography manuals on lighting, aperture, and other camera settings is important. You will not only learn the terms, but you will learn what the settings are for. Even taking a photography class will help you take better pictures.

If you find you do not want to work as hard to get better pictures there are a few other things you can do. First you may buy a better camera. Cheap camera’s are not going to net you the best picture. So if you spend a little on your camera whether it is digital or film you will find your picture quality will improve right away.

Once you have a better camera you may decide to purchase a tripod. A tripod will help you stabilize the camera, which eliminates the blurry pictures you may have had before.

The best technique for a camera without a tripod is to hold it close to your face. You practically want to create a dent around your eye from the viewfinder. You will also want your left hand under the lens to provide support there. Your right hand should curl around the camera with one finger on the button. This will provide you with the most stability.

If you have a tendency to get fingers, straps, or other objects you are holding in the picture you need to remove them. Place the strap around your neck or remove it from the camera. If the lens cap is in the way place it in your pocket rather than leaving it attached. And remember the placement for your hands. Even if you have a small point and shoot camera you can hold it steady without having your fingers in the picture by being aware.

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