Occult Organics – The New Spiritual Philosophy For The Age of Aquarius

Occult Organics The New Spiritual Philosophy

Now that we have entered a new age termed “Aquarius” with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics we also will need a new non secular philosophy. We have just one, it is called “Occult Organics.”

The simplicity of the word “Organics” employed in this context signifies ‘life’. Our new Spiritual Philosophy of Organics will be the “Philosophy of Everyday living.” Occult Organics is the Philosophy of Our Solution Everyday living.

When one age finishes, that has lasted 2000 several years, and another just one has started that will previous the upcoming 2000 decades there is usually an overlapping of the energies of the two ages.
This overlapping lasts about 200 many years. This suggests that for the following 200 several years or so mankind will see and come to feel the disintegrating of all of the buildings and varieties designed and sustained by the energies of the Age of Pisces.

Those who have eyes can see this occurring now.

And for the initially 200 decades of the Age of Aquarius there will be no, or incredibly tiny constructions or sorts to follow. They have to all be developed.

Religious Philosophy of Occult Organics is one particular of these new constructions and it has a background at the rear of it.

In the dying many years of the Age of Pisces there have usually been pioneers who attempted to herald in the new Age of Aquarius.

Their voices have been really not often listened to. But they did regulate to set in position some of the cornerstones for the new Age of Aquarius.

Organics has its pioneers as very well. Mazumbda, Vitvan and I.F. are three of the pioneering masters who placed the cornerstone of Organics in position.

Myself, the writer of these article content is a continuation of that trio. My activity is to get out what they started off into a fashionable working day language that will be understood for the duration of the Age of Aquarius and the Legal guidelines of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

The Non secular Occult Philosophy of Organics is not for all people. It is published for the 5% of humanity who wail become the ‘yeast’ of the new wave of inflowing souls.

This 5% will support continue to keep humanities amount of consciousness earlier mentioned the minimal water mark thus guaranteeing the survival of the race as a full.

Three occasions in advance of, in modern periods, man’s consciousness has dipped underneath the minimal drinking water mark.

Three moments in advance of man has been massively wrecked with only a ‘seed group’ left to rebuild and assist the new incoming wave of humanity.

Ever listen to of Atlantis, Hyperboria, and Mu? Just to identify a handful of of the far more present day conclude periods.

Even our Indigenous People comprehended that 3 moments in advance of Mom Earth shrugged and ruined all people with bad hearts.

So, I generate for the 5% who will enable the incoming souls of the Age of Aquarius irrespective of whether or not the billions of souls of the Age of Pisces survive or not.

Non secular Philosophy of Occult Organics is a existence line from the better for these who would like to cling on and survive what is coming. It is coming!

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