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About Ale Casanova

Ale Casanova (b. 1981) is a Spanish artist with exhibitions all around Spain, France, and Norway. His performs express uncomplicated scenes with absolute naturalness and crudeness via figures and portraits. Casanova’s artistic follow shows a playfulness with coloration, wherever brightness gets “the basic axis.” Most of the time, he generates with oils on cloth.

He reveals easy scenes with absolute naturalness and rawness by figures and portraits. The viewer gains several distinctive inner thoughts and thoughts about what the scene is about, which activities it is part of, and the desire to be a component of it.

Selecting to depict nudes to make charm, he appears for a perception of intimacy to interact the viewer in a non-public, sensual minute – with no malice in any way.

My function involves oil and watercolor as most important people. I also use social media with the exact same intention, relevance, structure, and form. 

In just about every of my performs, one could find my desire for the use of shade, from the brownest and most blurred shades to the most saturated and substantial-distinction ones, turning coloration into a video game exactly where the brightness of the shade gets to be the elementary axis. I operate on the portray with direct and specific brushstrokes exactly where subtle gradients mix brushstroke cuts.

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