A Moment in Art History: "American Gothic" - The U.S.A.'s Most Iconic Painting?

A Moment in Art History: “American Gothic” – The U.S.A.’s Most Iconic Painting?

Like many of you, I’ve identified myself with a little bit extra time on my palms these days. Being a lover of artwork historical past, I decided to start off a new online video undertaking, a Instant in Artwork Historical past. Every single of these films will target on a fantastic operate from artwork record I’ll share the story of the artwork, a little bit about the artist and my impressions of the art.

The to start with artwork in this collection is Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.” I appreciate this portray, and I’m excited to start this collection with it.

I would like to hear what you think of the video! Depart a comment below.

Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” is arguably one particular of the most legendary items of 20th century American Art. In this Minute in Art Record we analyze the painting, and understand about the artist’s background.

Artwork witnessed in the background of this movie

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Landscapes: https://pinetop.xanadugallery.com/col…

Glass flower sculpture: https://pinetop.xanadugallery.com/col…

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